Monday, January 12, 2009

november sunrise

We rise early and walk hand in hand to the seashore. There is a chill in the air but we have a blanket and each other's arms. We sit down and wait for the light to peek over the horizon, laughing and joking.
We have had so few of these moments lately. I want more of them. What most couples take ten years to experience we have spanned in ten months. It seems as though fifty years has gone by since we met and yet it still seems like only yesterday.
Here we are, it's beautiful here, with the sand, the sea, the sleepy sun yawning into the brightening sky. It's as though we've only just fallen in love, nothing to worry about, no billsbabydoctorsjobsfightsfamilygameschoreserrandsillnessaccidentschurchobligationssurprisesemptywalletsboringnightsgossipLIFE to get in the way.
It's just so...easy here. I relax into your chest and your chin rests on my hair. And I remember the first day I saw you.
It was like seeing the sun rise on a cold day.

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