Monday, January 12, 2009


In my four days of semi-seclusion my mind has gone into overdrive with ponderings of the abstract, the inane, and the poetic. I have had nightmares about single-wides and braces, snakes under my bed that consume Bud Light cans whole. I have found comfort on the cushion of a dated loveseat parked in front of a dated television set. I have worried about a dear friend's health and in turn worried about the overall state of my own.
All of this and more I have experienced while you are gone. And when you return, warmth comes with you. In these months I have come to know you as the truest of companions, something in which I have constantly believed for others but never truly experienced until these unending times. You have opened yourself to me and I in turn have slowly let you in on all of my secrets. Not one of them has made me repellant in your eyes. Now that we know the worst things about one another we can allow ourselves to see only the best. After all, it is all that is left. And while people are not a wholly good species, the vast capacity of our personalities is good, and kind, and trustworthy. There is so much for us to learn.
We can teach each other about ourselves.

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